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Bear Grylls Adventure Solihull


Bear Grylls Adventure Solihull is located at the NEC. Bear has received an OBE has become known worldwide as one of the most recognized faces of survival and outdoor adventure.
A trained from a young age in martial arts, Grylls went on to spend three years as a soldier in the British Special Forces where he perfected many skills that his fans enjoy – including free-fall parachuting accident while fighting terrorism abroad but overcoming all obstacles with humor intact after being injured on more than one occasion . Trained under Special Operations Command for over two decades now, this star is set to light up even more adventures!

When he was just a boy, Bear Grylls helped his father in the logging business. He then went on to star in seven seasons of Discovery Channel’s Emmy Award-nominated show Man vs Wild which became one of most watched shows across globe with estimated 1 billion viewers watching him get dirty for their entertainment.
Bear Grylls Solihull
Bear Grylls Adventure Solihull
Bear Grylls is an adventurer, conservationist and television presenter. He has the record for being “the world’s most trending televised event” with 3.6 billion impressions! His book Mud Sweat And Tears spent 15 weeks at Number 1 on Sunday Times Bestseller List – it even beat many professional athletes’ books in sales rankings during this time period Bear is an Honorary Colonel to the Royal Marines Commandos, and he’s also one of their youngest ever UK Chiefs Scout leaders. He married Shara in 1991 with whom they have three boys: Jesse (who lives on Bear’s private island), Marmaduke who resides at school near his mother back home in England where she teaches music theory coursework for university credit while maintaining her day job as a primary teacher . And lastly there’s Huckleberry who has just recently started attending secondary school here too! Bears life motto reads “courage & kindness” which shows how important these two traits are when dealing with any situation or person whether it be big or small

Solihull Bear Grylls Adventure

Our Royal Marines-inspired Assault Course is a range of obstacles that will challenge guests as they race against their friends. Obstacles include scramble nets, monkey bars, traverse beams and a-frames. Unlimited access to the Assault Course is included in every ticket, and there is no need to book ahead of time for this activity.

High Ropes


60-minute High Ropes adventure
Enjoy free roam of 36 obstacles from 65ft above ground



60-minute iFLY adventure
Master your skills in two one-minute flights

Escape Rooms


60-minute Escape Room adventure
Beat the clock with your team of 4 or more adventurers


Shooting- Solihull

30-minute Shooting adventure
Test your aim with air pistols

Shark Dive


120-minute Dive adventure
Warm-up and master skills in our training pool for 15 minutes. These skills must be completed in full before the primary Dive can begin.