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Disclaimer Terms & Conditions


At  “Balsall Common Estates” we are strictly a lead generation company that works with one local service provider and helps homeowners and businesses in local areas find and connect with these local service provider.

We do not make any Guarantees. It is entirely up to you to validate any of the service provider full credentials and certifications. You will also enter into a direct contract between you and the service provider you were connected with through one of our lead generation platforms. We do not guarantee or warrant any of the work or the performance on the job or the outcome that the service provider completes on your home, building or business. The Service Professionals are not employees or agents of “Balsall Common Estates”.“Balsall Common Estates” is not by any means an agent or employee of the Service Provider you may work with.

Release from Damages or Claims. Should you have a dispute or unhappy with any work that is performed by any services provided by a Service Professional from one of our lead generation websites, you must address such dispute with the Service Professional directly.