How To Choose The Right Estate Agent

How to choose the right estate agent

How to choose the right estate agent


In this article, we will discuss How to choose the right Estate Agent. We aim to cover all the questions you may have and some you may not.

Good agents can be hard to come by, and we were hoping you could spot the good ones. We want to help you choose an estate agent to get you a sale fast and for the asking price.

By the end of this post, you will feel confident and will be equipped with all the right answers to help you choose the right estate agent for you.

We will cover


Why is it important to choose the right Estate Agent?
Choosing the Best Estate Agent to sell your house
Online Reviews
What Attributes Should Your Agent Possess?
How to choose the right estate agent?
Choosing an Estate Agent-Based on Your Needs
Choosing sole or multiple estate agents contract?
High street or online Estate Agent
Questions to ask your estate agents
Beware of estate agent valuations?
What do estate agents say about overvaluations?


For a first-timer, enlisting the best person or company for the job is a must when you want to deal in property might seem like a daunting task since there are so many to choose from.

It helps make a list of possible estate agencies you can use and then make inquiries about them from different people.

You can ask your friends and neighbors and other people whose opinions you trust.

Another great source of getting information would be the internet. Please do your research, find out as much as you can about possible agents, their success rates, online reviews, and statistics. This helps you make clear, unbiased decisions and choices.


Online Reviews

Reviews from clients that have used local agencies in the past are a good way to determine the kind of services you can expect from them. If past clients weren’t satisfied with their service, chances are you won’t, too.

When deciding who to choose, it is worth spending some time looking at online review sites to see what other people say about the company. You will be able to find a lot of information online.

Read all the reviews each agency has, good and bad.

Look and see who is responding to bad reviews; are they keeping it professional or being rude.

Are there more bad reviews than good?

Remember, just because an agency doesn’t have a lot of reviews doesn’t make them bad. It may be that they need to look at their review process. We would still suggest doing some more research, though.

Remember, you are paying for a service. If you are not happy with something your agent says or does, you are within your rights to stop working and find someone else; this is a service industry, after all.


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What Attributes Should Your Agent Possess?


It would help if you looked out for certain characteristics in agents when you want to choose, depending on your specific needs.

Some of these basic things to look out for include:

Knowledge and Experience – It is important to get agents who know what they’re doing when marketing your property. In addition, experience in the field is a plus as this demonstrates that they’ve done it before, and they will work again for you.

Are They good to work with – You need to work with your agent and not against them. There are many agents in the industry that will argue with you or listen to your opinion. You want to make sure that any agency you choose is easy to work with to become a huge hassle for yourself or them.

They should be Professional and Polite – Your chosen agent needs to be polite and professional. They will be working with potential buyers and sellers. Being rude to the people they are working with is a huge red flag. You want an agent that will show you courtesy and respect at all times because your needs deserve to be met.

Expert local knowledge – When choosing an estate agency, you want to make sure they have expert local knowledge. This will ensure that they will give a true valuation of your property. They should also be able to communicate their local knowledge to potential sellers. For example, they should know about transportation links and local schools in the area.


How to choose the right estate agent?


After finding a few prospective agents through inquiries or the internet, the next thing to do is interview the agents to confirm if they actually have all the qualities you are looking for. 

Choosing an Estate Agent-Based on Your Needs


You can have a list of things you are looking for in an agent to help you make the right choice. 

Some agents are good at specific kinds of property. Also, some are good at selling properties, while some are good at buying or letting properties. Again, understanding your needs helps you make the right choice. 


Choosing sole or multiple estate agents contract?


You will want to decide on what type of agent contract will suit your needs.

There are sole and multi-agent contracts to consider. Which one you choose will also affect your fee and how long you are tied into a contract.

Sole agency contract?


With a sole agency contract, only one agent to sell your home. They will have exclusive rights to sell your property. You can still sell with another agent. You would, however, need to pay your fee to both estate agents.


A multi-agency contract is when you can instruct many agents to sell your home. Whichever agency sells your property first is the one to who you pay your fee.

Depending on which type of contract you choose will impact the overall price directly you will pay.


Traps to watch out for in the estate agent contract


-you should always read through the contract before signing anything.

-most contracts are going to include terms that benefit them and not you.

-there can be clauses in contracts stating they can take your property off the market if it does not sell within their desired time frame. I would recommend against this because they will keep getting paid for no work done.

Some agents like ourselves operate on a no-sale no fee basis, meaning if we can’t get you a sale within the agreed time period, we will not charge you any fees. This is good for many reasons. Ultimately it will save you money!

You will defiantly want to add any agencies that operate in this way to your shortlist!

If an estate agent has been working hard to get clients, trying new marketing strategies, and looks like he or she cares about selling your house. Do more research into what type of commission they charge so you don’t end up paying high prices for low-quality service.


High street or online Estate Agent


High Street Estate Agent

A High Street agent should be familiar with the local area and marketplace. As such, they will be educated enough to give you a realistic valuation. Most estate agents also have a list of potential homes for sale and a database of buyers who are actively looking to purchase a property.

Online Estate Agent

Online estate agencies are similar to local estate agents but offer a digital alternative. For a low cost and fixed fee, online agents will advertise your home on our UK’s largest property portals.

They’ll manage inquiries from buyers arrange viewings in pursuit of securing an offer from them.


Questions to ask your estate agents

Creating a shortlist of estate agents will allow you to find the best estate agent to sell your home.

Have they been in business for a long time? It is best to go with agents that are highly qualified and have relevant certifications.

Compare selling fees – Online and High street estate agents will all have different selling fees. However, most estate agents will sell your home anywhere from 1-3.5% +VAT. So who has the best prices?

Achieved asking prices – Which agent has had the highest selling price for their properties? Choosing the right agent who consistently achieves the asking price will mean more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Selling times – which agents have the longest selling period? You do not want your property hanging around on the market for too long. Active buyers will note the time frame and will not consider your property. They will think if it’s been on this long and hasn’t sold, then there must be something wrong with it.

Local area knowledge – ask some probing questions and compare who has the best knowledge.

Property Viewings – Which agents accompany all property viewings? You want your agent to conduct all the viewings. It keeps it professional for one. They are also the ones who are building a relationship with your potential buyers.

Property portals – Do they market your home on all the main property portals? You want to make sure your home gets maximum marketing exposure after you want to sell your property in the quickest time period possible and for the highest price.

Marketing – What marketing services will be used to sell your home? Modern agents will often use clever videography to entice buyers. Some will even use drone photography as well.

Choose Comfort – which estate agent made you feel the most comfortable overall? All things considered, who did you feel most comfortable with?

It’s quite a process choosing an estate agent. But, not to worry, you are almost there.


Questions to ask your estate agents

When selling your home, one of the first things you need to do is get a valuation.

House valuations are when a local agent compares similar properties that have been sold. In addition, they will compare other properties that are on the market. Take into consideration the condition of your property and if you have recently renovated or built an extension. Ultimately they will place a value on your house.

We recommend getting at least three agents to give you a valuation for your house.

Beware of estate agent valuations?

Sometimes an estate agent may overvalue the price of your property to win your business. Then, they will try and reduce your price in a week to two, saying there has been no interest.

What do estate agents say about overvaluations?

Estate agents say that high prices lead to longer selling times and are less likely to make a sale. Overvaluations are no good to anyone and will only anger sellers and lead to bad reviews.




Who are the best estate agents in the UK?


There are many agencies in the UK, but which one is the best?

There are currently no surveys to determine this answer, but there are many factors you can consider when choosing an agency.

The best estate agents will have experience dealing with clients recommended by friends/family whose opinion matters most.


Who are the biggest estate agents in the UK?


The biggest agency in the UK at the moment is Chesterton Humberts.

Chesterton and their partner agencies cover over 100,000 properties in England alone.

They have been voted the best estate agents in the UK for many years by various publications, including The Guardian and the Financial Times.

Another agency worth mentioning is Garrington Property Group which operates nationally with offices located all across England and Wales.




Congratulations, you have made it to the end. We hope you have enjoyed our article, we aimed to give you help you as possible and have a better understanding, and we have answered some of your questions. Hopefully, you some thoughts on some things you may not have thought of.

If there are any points or questions that were not answered, please get in touch to answer them as soon as possible!

If you have any questions, we would be so happy to hear from you.

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