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Packwood House Solihull


The doors to Packwood House Solihull are now open (Friday-Tuesday, from 27 October the house will also be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays), the blinds are up, the clocks are wound, and visitors can once again come and enjoy the house. Things are a little different at the moment, but we still have our downstairs rooms open for you to explore. Our volunteers are here to welcome you and share stories about the history of the house and collection.

Access to Packwood house Solihull West Mids is on a first come first serve basis via timed ticket.

Packwood House Facilities

The weather has been kind to us this week, with sunny skies and gentle breezes. It’s a shame that people can’t enjoy the outdoors as much! If you’re looking for some fresh air without having your clothing getting wet or sticking onto an unpleasant surface then come visit our garden café where we’re sure have what will suit every taste from inside-out salads all year round; freshly baked muffins hot off ovens during breakfast time – there’s something on offer no matter how many times of day so let yourself get inspired by taking one big step outside while staying cozy indoors at same time 🙂 The house itself is perfect place not just when it comes down t oentertainment but also relaxation

Packwood House Gardens

The landscape is beautiful, and there are so many places to explore. From gardens, parks, cafés or shops, you’ll be able to experience the local culture first hand while also learning about its history through various exhibits in each location!
Museums offer something new every time I visit them- plus they make great photo opportunities too 😉 You don’t need reservations because usually everyone can enjoy these attractions at least once during their stay here, but it would recommend booking if possible since space gets limited quickly especially on weekends when most people prefer going out rather than staying indoors as tourists often do

Explore The House

Our friendly team will be on hand to welcome you and share with you Packwood’s history in a safe environment. Visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings and continue to use hand-sanitising stations at the entrance and exit. We hope you enjoy exploring the house. The house is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays and access to the house is on a first come first serve basis via timed ticket and last admission is 4.30pm during the summer and 3.15pm from 1 November. From 27 October the house will also be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Packwood is a stunning manor house, originally built in the 1600s and much extended over time. The Packwoods have always been an integral part of this historic community; they even donated their home to National Trust back when it was first created so people could enjoy centuries worth of history preserved for generations! Today you can see evidence left behind by one such important person – Graham Ash who made his fortune through business success but saved most if not all on something special: restoring pride into British heritage with many restoration projects like this very estate