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Core Theate Solihull

The Core Theatre, Solihull, UK

The Core Theatre Solihull City Centre is a multi-purpose arts venue located in the heart of Solihull Town Centre. The 336 seats raked theatre fully equipped technically with a stage flying system, sound and lighting can host everything from local productions to music events or workshops for walk-in conferences – all available without restriction!

The Courtyard Gallery allows artists an opportunity to showcase their work while also providing the space they need not rent elsewhere; conversely, it’s perfect if you’re looking into hiring one of our spaces as well: we offer day rental options that range between £250-£500 per day dependent on type.

The Core Theatre is more than just a venue. It’s the beating heart of Coventry, bringing diverse audiences together in one place every night – from amateur performers like yourselves to national corporations looking for their next big hit!

The busy theatre hosts anything and everything; music concerts by local bands or popular popstars alike professional drama groups striving towards excellence on stage while hosting fund-raising events off it (and vice versa). The Cores popularity with friends isn’t limited only within city limits either: you’ll often find visiting actors stopping over before hitting London stages again, musicians developing new material right here behind our famous soundbooth where they can be themselves without any judgments required…


As well as being home to The Core Theatre, Courtyard Gallery, and our dining facility ENCORE, The Core is also Solihull‘s flagship community building.

The Core also houses the Library, Solihull Connect, heritage galleries, a Community Advice Hub and a number of voluntary and community sector organisations.

For more information about The Core please visit:

Afternoon Tea At The Core Theatre Solihull

ENCORE is serving a lovely afternoon tea, for just £15 per person! A true indulgence of fresh pastries and savoury treats. Enjoy unlimited Fairtrade teas or filter coffee with your choice of filled sandwich breads such as cucumber & mint infused cheddar or turkey breast sliced onto butter lettuce along side jam packed scones slathered in clotted cream cheese mixed togetherthen top off this feast by enjoying one our selection cakes from French patisserie bakery L’amande perfection – all served up alongside an array glass pours Prosecco to make that special day even more enjoyable

Box Office & Tickets

Box Office Opening Hours Our current opening hours are: 9.30am – 2.30pm, Monday to Saturday* To contact Box Office, call 0121 704 6962 or email Outside of these hours, please use our website ( to book tickets or leave us a message on our 24-hour answerphone, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Sometimes when our staff are very busy during opening hours, the answerphone will click in, but staff do listen to messages as soon as they can.